Scope and Focus

JOURNAL OF ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE (JAK) is a Journal of Accounting and Finance issued by Faculty of Economics and Business Lampung University. JAK is issued three two a year on June and December. The Redaction Board accept only research in the field of legal science that already in the form of journal article to be considered for publication.

The aims of JAK is to provides immediate open access to its content in the principle of making research freely available to the public as a support for the greater global exchange of knowledge. JAK is available in both print and online version. Language used in this journal is English or Indonesian.

Scope of articles published in JAK is consist of a broad range of topic in the field of Accoounting and Finance  including:

Private Sector :

1. Financial Accounting and Stock Market (AKPM)

2. Management and Behavioural Accounting (AKMK)

3. Information System, Auditing, and Professional Ethics (SIPE)

4. Taxation (PPJK)

5. Shariah Accounting (AKSR)

6. Accounting Education (PAK)

7. Corporate Governance (CG)

Public Sector Accounting :

1. Financial Accounting (ASPAK)

2. Management Accounting (ASPAM)

3. Auditing and Information System (ASPSIA)

4. Good Governance (ASPGG)